does your instructor really sell cars ???

Main Location Information TRISTAR MOTORS LLC  454 TALBERT STREET   DALY CITY CA  94014 Tel: (800)901-5950 Location Opened : 09/23/2016 Location Closed: Licensed to Provide, Offer or Sell: Used Snowmobile Dealer. Used Auto/Commercial Vehicle Dealer. Used Motorcycle Vehicle Dealer. Autobroker. Used Trailer Vehicle Dealer.  License Information License No.: 35862 License First Issued: 09/22/1998 Operator or Contact: Owner of Business: TRISTAR MOTORS LLC  Mailing Address: …

does your instructor really know the registration process ???

Main Location Information MILLA REGISTRATION SERVICES  LLC 8405A MONTEREY ST   GILROY CA  95020 Tel: (408)733-2555 Location Opened : 08/31/2016 Location Closed: Licensed to Provide, Offer or Sell: Registration Service Business Partner.  License Information License No.: 90643 License First Issued: 08/31/2016 Operator or Contact: Owner of Business: MILLA REGISTRATION SERVICES