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DMV Dealer Education Providers

Dealer education providers listed by type of class offered area (served) and name.
Area and
Type of Class Offered
Online/Home Study Continuing Education title Bay Area title Northern Area title Central Area title Southern Area title Provider
**X Auto Support Group
Phone: 1-714-588-1511
X Best Solutions
Phone: 1-619-546-4064
X X X X X Motorsports Market On-Line Courses, Live Classes and Home Study
Phone: 1-800-980-1967
X X X X X Automotive Systems Analysis
Phone: 1-800-564-0984
X X X X X TriStar Motors, LLC
Phone: 1-800-901-5950
X X 24-7 Dealer Training Specialists
Phone: 1-951-833-8398
X X California Auto Dealer Education
Phone: 1-661-871-3311
X Central Valley Dealers
Licensing Renewal Service
Phone: 1-209-333-0900
X Superior Vehicle Dealer Training Institute
Phone: 1-949-305-8402
X X Inland Empire/Orange County Dealer School
Phone: 1-909-880-1380
X X X Dealer Training Experts of Northern California
Phone: 1-408-910-3876
X X X X X Dealer Intel
Phone: 1-415-613-4754
X X X X X $85 Dealer Education
Phone: 1-951-541-8390
X X X X Los Angeles Dealer School
Phone: 1-310-227-6920
*X Dealer License Seminars of San Diego
Phone: 1-619-665-6440
X X X X X Golden State Educational Services
Phone: 1-916-395-7004
X X Dealer Lessons
Phone: 1-877-772-3332
X X X X X Dealer Education Services
Phone: 1-888-323-0031
X X Coffer Dealer Education
Phone: 1-888-694-1444
X Cesar Carrascos Dealer Licensing Seminars
Phone: 1-619-474-0477
X Colby Learning Center of San Diego
Phone: 1-619-559-5748
X X Dealers Support Group
Phone: 1-818-758-9951
X Online Auto Dealer ED
Phone: 1-877-724-6150
X California Accredited Dealer Education
Phone: (714) 300-4148

*Prelicensing only
**Continuing Education only

Last updated: 07/23/2012

electronic license plates……maybe start with the car dealer license plates???


A similar bill proposed in California in 2010 would have allowed advertisements to scroll on the screen if a car was stopped for more than three seconds, Ars reported. The ads were envisioned as an additional revenue source for the DMV. The current bill does not include provisions for advertising, the Sacramento Bee reported.

California is not the only state considering electronic license plates. Florida passed a law last year allowing them, but the program does not yet have a start date. South Carolina and New Jersey have similar bills in progress.

California pilots electronic license plates — will other states follow?

  • By Kathleen Hickey
  • Oct 22, 2013

California is piloting electronic license plates to improve efficiency,  lower the cost of DMV vehicle registration services and eliminate the need for vehicle owners, particularly fleet owners, to receive physical registration tags by mail, according to a bill analysis by California’s Senate Rules Committee.

The Assembly Appropriations Committee said it will cost less than $50,000 for the DMV to administer the pilot program and complete the evaluation report. However, the plates most likely will come at a cost for drivers, said David Findlay of Compliance Innovations,  an electronic license plate manufacturer. Findlay told Time magazine the plates could cost around $100, at least five times the price of a typical license plate fee.

The electronic plates would serve as alternatives to California’s traditional metal license plate, plastic-coated registration stickers and paper registration cards. California’s DMV annually registers approximately 26 million vehicles and performs over 10 million renewals.

Senate Bill 806, signed by California Gov. Jerry Brown in early October, calls for the pilot to be established by Jan. 1, 2017. The pilot will be limited to no more than 0.5 percent of registered vehicles and vehicle owners who have voluntarily chosen to participate.

While the bill does not specifically state which devices will be tested, the bill analysis did mention a provider, Smart Plate Mobile, which was incorporated in 2009 and is based in San Francisco, as being “the company most interested in participating in such a pilot project.” Smart Plate Mobile’s plates are computer screens that would take on the size and appearance of a standard California license plate. Since the plates can receive wireless updates from a central server, they could also display additional messages such as “stolen” or “expired.”

Smart Plate Mobile does not have a website.

Artemio Armenta, a DMV spokesperson, told Ars Technica that “postage costs associated with vehicle licensing and registration does exceed $20 million annually.”

Many have expressed privacy concerns with the project, with the ACLU of Sacramento County invoking the term “big brother.”

Responding to concerns about tracking expressed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an amendment was added to California’s bill to limit the data exchanged “to that data necessary to display evidence of registration compliance. The department shall not receive or retain any information generated during the pilot program regarding the movement, location or use of a vehicle participating in the pilot program.”

Still, Lee Tien, an attorney at Electronic Frontier Foundation, notes that while the DMV will not be receiving location information in the pilot, the company providing the plates would, and it would control what is on the plates, reported the Capitol Hill Daily.

“We’re surprised and disappointed that this bill seems to be proceeding without any serious exploration of the privacy risks,” Tien said. “Just because it’s a pilot doesn’t excuse the legislature of responsibility.”

Other potential concerns include the potential for the plates to be monitored or hacked by other parties.

Ars noted that the technical details of the program are unclear as well as how long plate information would be retained and who would have access to it.

The DMV will be responsible for sharing the results of the pilot program with the California Legislature no later than July 1, 2018, Government Technology reported. The report will address some of these privacy concerns, including whether the devices have the ability to transmit and retain information regarding vehicle location, movement or use. If the product does have that feature, the report will also include whether there are safeguards against the information falling into unauthorized hands.

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Other forms we carry are Addendums, Repair Orders, Bill of Sale, Commission Vouchers, Law Disclosure Poster Signs, File Deal Jackets, Automobile Purchase Drafts, Contract Cancellation Option Agreement, Optional Products and Services Disclosure, Notice to Vehicle Credit Applicant, Used Vehicle Condition At Delivery, Returned Vehicle Report, 4 Square Worksheet, Application For Title or Registration, Miscellaneous Statements of Fact, Application For Employment, Power of Attorney Vehicle/Vessel, Statement of Fact Unwind, Statement of Error or Erasure, Lien Satisfied, Authorization For Pay-Off, Bill of Sale, California Sale Tax Resale Certificate, Notice of Payment Past Due, Vehicle “AS-IS” Agreement – NO WARRANTY, Guarantee of Title, Promissory Note, Borrowed Vehicle Agreement, Application for Duplicate Title, Consignment and Sales Agreement, Motor Vehicle Brokering Agreement, Rental Agreement, and 262 Vehicle/Vessel Transfer And Reassignment Form.

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Dealer License Pros  ( Scam )

Your Auto Dealership ( Scam )

National Dealer License ( Scam )

Auto Dealer License USA ( Scam )

DLC Network ( Scam )

Car Profit ( Scam )

FL Motors ( Scam )

Auto Income ( Scam )

Auto Auction Consulting ( Scam )

Flipping Autos ( Scam )

Delaware Wholesaler ( Scam )

Indiana Wholesale Dealers ( Scam )

Indiana Dealer Offices ( Scam )

One Stop Auto Wholesalers ( Scam )


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Indiana Wholesalers Association

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tesla business model faces another legal battle


By Dan Gearino

A trade group for Ohio car dealers is asking a Franklin County court to rescind Tesla Motors’ license to sell new cars, citing what they say are violations of Ohio law.

The plaintiffs in the case also include several central Ohio dealer groups, such as Midwestern Auto Group of Dublin, Ricart Automotive of Groveport and several of the Germain family dealerships.

“If a license is not granted with proper authority, then that license should be rescinded,” said Sara Bruce, vice president of legal affairs for the Ohio Automobile Dealers Association.

The defendants are the Ohio Department of Public Safety, the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles and Tesla.

In the suit, which was filed in Franklin County Common Pleas Court, the dealers say that the state agencies improperly approved Tesla’s dealer license earlier this year because the company did not provide a copy of its contract with the manufacturer of the vehicles to be sold.

In this case, the manufacturer and the retailer are the same company, but the dealers say that the law still calls for proper documentation.

Even if Tesla had provided a contract, it would not have been valid because the law requires such an agreement to be between “two separate contracting parties,” Bruce said.

Tesla did not immediately reply to a request for comment.

Earlier this month, Tesla opened a store at Easton, the automaker’s first retail outlet in Ohio.

Also this month, the auto dealers association made an unsuccessful attempt to get the Ohio General Assembly to outlaw Tesla’s business model.

The lawsuit is the next step in the dealers’ attempt to stop Tesla from gaining a foothold in the state.

Unlike most auto brands, Tesla sells its all-electric cars directly to consumers through company-owned stores.

This is different from the way established auto brands sell their products. Companies such as Ford, General Motors and Honda sell through a network of independently owned dealers.

Established dealers have raised concerns that Tesla’s model is opening the door for other automakers to open company-owned stores, which they say would undermine the concept of an independent dealer network.

The dealers say they are trying to preserve a system that employs 50,000 Ohioans, while Tesla says the dealers are monopolists who are wary of real competition.

Tesla has faced similar legislative and legal battles in other states.

car dealer warranty checkup for 2014


Issue a written warranty 30-day or 1000-mile to the buyer or lessee
covering the following specified parts and systems:
—Engine, including all internally lubricated parts.
—Transmission and transaxle.
—Front and rear-wheel drive components.
—Engine cooling system.
—Alternator, generator, starter, and ignition system, not including the battery.
—Braking system.
—Front and rear suspension systems.
—Steering system and components.
—Inflatable restraint systems installed on the vehicle as originally manufactured.
—Catalytic converter and other emissions components necessary for the vehicle to
pass a California emissions test.
—Seals and gaskets on components described in the warranty (CCC §§1795.51,
2983.37, and CVC §§241, 241.1).
—Electrical, electronic, and computer components, that substantially affect the
functionality of other components described in this subdivision.

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Celebrating The Life Of CHP Public Safety Dispatcher Lynde Cook

January 22, 2014

“She loved the department and loved what she did.  Never did she let her illness get in the way, she never wanted to bring people down.” –  Victor Tovar, CHP-PSDA Vice President

UKIAH-  On January 11, 2014, family, friends, colleagues and Ukiah community members celebrated the life of CHP Public Safety Dispatcher Lynde Cook.  Cook passed away November 7 at the age of 50 after a nearly two year battle with stage IV lung cancer.

“We waited for all of her friends and relatives to travel here,” said Lois Cook, Lynde’s mother.  “Lynde told us all, ‘when I die, don’t cry for me, pour the champagne and raise a glass.'”

Lynde Cook

For 12 years, Lynde worked as a CHP Public Safety Dispatcher in Ukiah, the small town she was born and raised in.   She loved answering calls for help.

“Lynde started working for the CHP in 2000, right here in the Ukiah Communication Center where she stayed her entire career,” said Captain Jim Epperson, CHP Ukiah Area Commander.   “She was a very reliable and dedicated worker.  She was always willing to help whenever and wherever needed.  She had a true passion for dispatch!”

When Lynde was diagnosed with cancer,  she dispatched her own call for help, asking long-time, childhood and Facebook friends for support.   The group of women who stepped forward became known as Lynde’s Ladies.

“There was always somebody there for her,” said Lois Cook.  “They held a fundraiser with a band and a dance and an auction.  She had an incredible amount of support.”

“Our dispatchers become a very tight knit group,” said Alan Barcelona, president of the California Statewide Law Enforcement Association (CSLEA) which represents CHP dispatchers and  nearly 7,000 other law enforcement, public safety and consumer protection professionals who work for the State of California.   “They share experiences and stresses that are unique to emergency dispatch.  There is sadness in their hearts over Lynde’s passing, but they also remember what a vivacious and courageous  person she was, something I hope they can find strength in as they heal from this great loss.”

Lynde lived the first 18 years of her life in Ukiah.  She grew up on Robinson Creek Ranch with her four siblings. In school she was active in the marching band and involved in sports. She loved softball. Lynde attended Sacramento State University and remained in Sacramento for several years working and playing in softball leagues and tournaments including several All-State Championships.

While in Sacramento, Lynde joined the National Guard and served overseas during Desert Storm. She enjoyed other cultures and some of her favorite travel memories were of trips to Guatemala, South Africa, and her service time in Saudi Arabia.

Lynde leaves behind a 19 year old son.  Jalen Cook was the best part of Lynde’s life, her mother said.  Soon after Jalen was born, Lynde moved back to Ukiah to be closer to family.   She worked at the Ukiah Valley Medical Center as a medical assistant and  then became a dispatcher for CHP where she worked until her medical retirement in 2012.

“I loved her dearly and miss her beautiful smile and her quick wit and laughter,” said friend and fellow CHP Dispatcher Joanne Vital.  “She loved her job and was a very dedicated employee.  She would go the extra mile to solve a problem or find information for officers’ investigations.  She was a very caring person and a dear friend.”

“The outstanding character of hers, she was always smiling,” said Lois Cook.  “She kept her sense of humor.  She was cheerful.  She made other people feel good when she felt bad.  She fought hard.”

In addition to her son, Jalen,  Lynde is survived by her mother, Lois Cook of Ukiah, sisters Rhoby Cook of Hoopa,  Kristy Cook of Takoma Park, MD, and brother Kirby Cook of Hamilton, MT. She was predeceased by her father, Waldo Cook, and brother, Randy Cook.

Memorial donations may be made to the Ukiah Cancer Resource Center at 590 S. Dora Street in Ukiah, the National Foundation for Cancer Research, or the Lynde C. Cook Memorial Athletic Scholarship through Ukiah High School.

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