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dlr plate


tesla seeking to break new ground for car sales nationwide


Automaker Tesla looks to bypass car dealers

The Tesla showroom at the Natick Mall has an electric car on display.


The Tesla showroom at the Natick Mall has an electric car on display.

Across from the Victoria’s Secret at the upscale Natick Mall is the kind of stylish storefront where you would expect to buy designer jeans, boutique jewelry, and chic accessories.

But the expensive bauble on sale in this storefront is a car — the super-sleek, super-fast Tesla electric vehicle. And the Natick outpost may just be the car showroom of the future, as Tesla plans to soon introduce a midpriced model intended to broaden its appeal among car buyers.

That is, if Tesla wins its pitched battle with Massachusetts auto dealers over the right to sell its vehicles directly to the public from a comfy store, or over the Internet, rather than through a traditional car dealership, as usually required.

On Tuesday, the fight landed the two sides before the state Legislature, where Tesla and local auto dealers, through their state association, asked lawmakers to legislate the terms of car buying in Massachusetts in their respective favors.

The hearing Tuesday on Beacon Hill featured polar policies: one bill that would expressly outlaw Tesla’s direct-to-consumer sales model, and another that would legalize it.

“It really comes down to consumer choice,” said Natick state Representative David Linsky, who is sponsoring the pro-Tesla bill. “What delivers the best deal, the best service for the consumer? Let’s let the market determine it.”

Elon Musk is chief executive of Tesla, which is fighting battles in other states that have franchise laws like the one in Massachusetts.


Elon Musk is chief executive of Tesla, which is fighting battles in other states that have franchise laws like the one in Massachusetts.

The outcome of the case could help shape how consumers go about buying cars, holding out the prospect that it someday may be as easy as, say, going to the Apple store to order a new laptop.

The dealer franchise law was adopted to protect local car sellers from undue pressure from the major automakers by, for example, preventing manufacturers from opening their own nearby car lots and underselling their own dealers.

Robert F. O’Koniewski, executive vice president of the Massachusetts State Auto Dealers Association, said the law protects consumers because it encourages car sellers to compete with each other; allowing a carmaker to act as its own dealer would eliminate the dynamic of competition within the brand.

And all Tesla has to do, O’Koniewski said, is join the crowd and sell its cars through the independent dealer system.

“This has nothing to do with trying to prevent them from doing business in the Commonwealth,” O’Koniewski said. “It has everything to do with following the law, like the other 412 dealers have to do and the other 25 manufacturers have to do.”

But Tesla counters that independently owned dealers are in effect exerting a monopoly on car sales in Massachusetts. James C. Chen, the company’s vice president of regulatory affairs, told lawmakers Tuesday that Tesla might shift to a franchised dealership model in the future, but for now the 10-year-old company only makes 21,000 cars per year — not nearly enough to support a network of dealerships selling Teslas exclusively.

That means a dealer would have to sell Teslas alongside gas-powered vehicles, which sets up a conflict of interest, Chen argued.

“There is a financial disincentive for them to sell electric vehicles, versus their internal combustion engine vehicles,” he said. “To tout the benefits of an electric car would naturally denigrate the incumbent technology.”

This is the second major debate in the past year in Massachusetts about competition in the auto industry. The “right to repair” battle pitted auto manufacturers against independent mechanics over access to diagnostic and repair information, which now must be made available through a universal system by 2018. Proponents argued it was unfair for carmakers to monopolize that information and force consumers to bring their vehicles to auto dealers, where manufacturers would receive a slice of the repair bill.

Tesla, meanwhile, is fighting similar battles in many other states that have franchise laws like the one in Massachusetts. The company is also dealing with a troublesome setback, as federal safety inspectors on Tuesday launched an investigation into whether Tesla’s Model S electric car is vulnerable to fires because roadway debris can pierce the car’s underbody and battery — igniting fires in two Model S cars recently.

The lower-powered Tesla begins at around $70,000 and can top $120,000 with a larger battery and the kind of luxury amenities found in cars made by Jaguar and BMW.

Despite its price tag, the Tesla Model S has wowed car aficionados and industry reviewers with its super-fast performance, super-sleek design, and high-tech interior. No less a gimlet eye than Consumer Reports earlier this year gave the Model S a near-perfect rating — 99 out of 100 — and described the car’s performance as “a silent yet potent surge of power that will make many sports cars weep with envy.”

The higher-powered version can travel about 265 miles on a single charge and recovers about 30 miles for every hour of charging with a traditional plug.

Supercharging stations, which Tesla is building at highway rest stops across the country — with two in Connecticut — can provide a simple repower in less than an hour.

The company plans within the next few years to unveil a more affordable car that it expects will start at about $35,000, though a firm release date has not been set. More immediately, Tesla will again try to push the futuristic envelope with its Model X SUV, scheduled for next year at a similar price as the Model S. The Model X will feature “falcon wing” doors that open vertically.

The Tesla’s performance is one of the reasons Hingham resident Laura Burns bought the Model S. But she said the best part was the direct-buying experience.

“There may be people who like to haggle with dealers, but I don’t know any,” she said. “Most people hate it. The experience was night and day.”

Callum Borchers can be reached at callum.borchers@globe.com. Follow him on Twitter @callumborchers.

central valley dmv certified car dealer license training from gotplates.com


dmv requires a training class to take your car dealer license examination

dmv requires you pass a 40 question exam to submit your car dealer license application

we teach the required dmv license certification class in more places than anyone else

find out why our competition struggles to match our offer

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good luck with getting your car dealer license

central valley dmv certified car dealer license training


dmv requires a training class to take your car dealer license examination

dmv requires you pass a 40 question exam to submit your car dealer license application

we teach the required dmv license certification class in more places than anyone else

find out why our competition struggles to match our offer

could it be better value??

could it be better pricing??

could it be our dedication to customer service??

we like to think it is all three

visit our website to see our entire class schedule


joseph is our car dealer license instructor in the central valley


we have a classes in fresno, bakersfield, clovis, visalia and modesto every month






good luck with getting your car dealer license


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dmv licensing inspector for our bakersfield car dealer school


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bakersfield car dealer class

you will take your dmv car dealer examination


submit your car dealer license application

to the dmv licensing inspector in bakersfield

Bakersfield (DSL), 5800 District Blvd., Suite 100-C, 93313

  • Open the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month from 10:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M. and 1:00 P.M. – 2:30 P.M.
  • Please call the Fresno office at (559) 445-5304 to confirm availability.Directions to this office



del mar car dealer classes


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got broker ???…..get louie bookout…..CBS


Los Angeles is filled with the world’s most fascinating jobs. It is the mecca of the entertainment industry where you can find yourself at a bar having a drink next to some really interesting people. From models to aspiring actors, musicians, agents, chauffeurs, personal assistants, all provide the backdrop to amazing stories. There is one person that truly has the most interesting job. Meet Louie Bookout.


Louie Bookout of Celebrity Business Services

Starting Small but Dreaming Big

Most people first met Louie Bookout on Bravo’s Million Dollar Listings when he delivered a Mercedes to the house of celebrity Real Estate Broker Chad Rogers. What most viewers didn’t know is that Louie Bookout has been providing elite Los Angeleans hard-to-find luxury cars for years.

Bookout began his company, Celebrity Business Services, 17 years ago. Celebrity Business Services is a thriving private car dealer in a world where the words car dealer and thriving are almost never used in the same sentence. It has been nearly 30 years since Bookout came to Los Angeles to make some quick money in order to get another business started. He left the business for a short time, only to return when he realized he loved working in the car industry. Bookout began his auto sales career working at a Mercedes dealership. He started as a sales representative, moved on to sales manager, then was in line for a general manager. He dreamed of owning his own dealership someday.

One of the buyers at Bookout’s dealership was an auto broker, meaning he was a middle man between the dealership and car buyers. Many of the broker’s clients were in the entertainment industry. Bookout noticed this man did not always seem happy, and was many times very grumpy. Even while grumpy, he still managed to sell 20 cars per month. “He was selling 20 cars a month, I figured that if I was doing the same thing, with a better attitude, I could sell 40 cars a month.” Today, in the midst of a tough economy, Bookout is doing just that. He estimates he sells approximately 40 to 50 cars per month. The cars he provides range from MercedesBMWs, and Bentleys, toRolls-Royce and Range Rovers. His clients are generally in the entertainment industry, from actors and actresses to agents, business managers, and accountants to the stars. It is safe to assume that Bookout’s rolodex is a who’s who of Hollywood’s Power Players.

Servicing Hollywood’s A-List

With that kind of client list, one would expect not to have many headaches over business. And there aren’t. “Many of my clients have business managers or accountants that handle where the money is going. The biggest hurdles are when I get a referral from one of my clients and the new client isn’t as established and they don’t have handlers yet. They still handle all of there own financial responsibilities. Many times those people don’t use me the way they need to.” Bookout looks out for his clients’ best interests. He will give them advice to help figure out what is the best deal for them. He also looks out for his relationships and his client list is very private. He guards that list like a lion and won’t dish any celebrity dirt. The only way to know if a person is a client of Bookout’s is if the car has his customized logo of a B with wings attached on the license plate holder. In one way he has built a brand, but also an elite club that few have access to.

No Advertising Necessary

From his first client to today, Louie still has never done any advertising or marketing. You won’t find a web site containing information about Celebrity Buying Services. You  won’t even find his office hours posted anywhere because he doesn’t have specific times that he works. Everything is word of mouth. He estimates that his retention rate is approximately 85%. It is the “Louie process” that sells. Clients simply call and request the type of car that they want. They may tell him certain options they prefer, whether or not they exist. From there Bookout handles everything. He finds the car whether it is in Los Angeles, or Cleveland, and coaches his clients on cost and financing options. He handles all of the paperwork, and in the end, delivers the car to their home or office. All of this service at no additional cost to his customer. For that he relies on his relationships with the dealerships.

There are only a handful of private car dealers such as Louie’s Bookout’s Celebrity Buying Services and Bookout is the only one who sells nationwide. While he calls Los Angeles home, he has clients in New York, Miami, Tennessee, and is even making a name for himself with elite casino executives in Las Vegas.

Bookout feels blessed with the success that Celebrity Buying Services has had and has maintained over a 17 year period. He knows he is fortunate that he doesn’t have to wake up and go to a dealership every morning. “The world is my dealership” is what Bookout says. He can research and get information over the internet. With technology today, all that is needed is a cell phone, fax machine, and the internet. The biggest reason for his success is because he has followed the path of doing what he loves. “Do what you love to do. If you took money out of the equation, what would you want to do for a living?” Bookout pondered that question and followed that path, learning he indeed could make a living out of doing what he loved.

one illinois wholesale car dealer license pitch is officially a scam and now operating in indiana under a new name


the illinois secretary of state has taken action against

one of many wholesale car dealer license scheme operators

with a massive fine

here is the certified cease and desist order against


( net worth exceeds $ 1m dollars )

from illinois


they have returned under a new name in indiana


The idea for Dealer License Group Inc. emerged because we recognized a need to streamline the process of dealer licensing.

The DLG team came together in 2007 as Dealer Auction Access, and changed names to Dealer License Group in 2012.  Since then, we have helped license Thousands of individuals from all walks of life!  These individuals have transformed their passion for automobiles into a lucrative and honest means of living.  In essence, they get to do what they love!

In four facilities we now host over 600 dealers with room for hundreds more. As it stands we are the largest host of wholesale licenses in the State of Indiana by more than three times of our next competitor.

We establish a physical office for you in one of our facilities. This office space establishes your business identity in Indiana and therefore qualifies you to apply for a license.

Ownership and management of the company has come from the corporate world, with over 30 years of experience in Auto Sales, Banking, Finance, Marketing and Commercial Real Estate.

This experience has allowed us to navigate through the rules and regulations required to comply with all of the regulations that are necessary to lawfully operate. Our goal is to assist, empower, and help businesses flourish in the auto auction business.

In today’s tough economy, we provide the tools needed to start or increase your business; the only thing you need to bring to the table is your passion for cars!

Dealer License Group is at the forefront of the dealer licensing industry with innovative services and products to help our dealers with exporting, shipping, buying and networking. Our mission is to help you succeed and to turn that passion for automobiles into a way to work for yourself with endless potential.


Status: Active Filing Date: 11/08/2007
Entity Type: For-Profit Domestic Corporation File Number: 2007110900039
Filing State: Indiana (IN)
Company Age: 5 Years, 9 Months
Principal Address:
760 W Main Street
Bloomfield, IN 47424
Lookup Address on Google Maps
Registered Agent:
Mauricio Kiglies
760 W Main Street
Bloomfield, IN 47424
Lookup Address on Google Maps


they appear to also operate


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I Have to Move or Change my ID’s to qualify to have a Dealer license? 
Not at all!  We are a nationwide company and  our dealer program is set up so you will qualify without having to be a resident of any state in particular.  In fact all of our customers are spread out through out the US.  By joining our program we will take care of all physical requirements all you have to do is Sign Up!

Am I a Member of Your License or some LLC?
No, we help you establish a corporation with the name of your choice and everything we do for you is on your name.   Once all your documents are set up we turn it over to you and you can use your license and corporation at your discretion.

Are There Any Dealer Insurance Requirements?
Yes, Garage Liability insurance and a bond are required for licensing.   With DL.Biz insurance is easy too! We will guide you through the insurance process and refer you to a trusted insurance company whose goal is to help you!    Quotes can vary depending on your driving record, where you live and experience.   Call and speak with one of our license professionals to find out approximately how much yours will be.

How Long Does the Application Process Take?
DL.Biz will do all the paperwork for you and prepare all docs and applications for you to sign.  Once your application is submitted it will take 21 business days to be approved and you will be a dealer!

Do I Have to Come To Indiana?
No, but you are welcome to visit! While we do host your license in one of our office faculties  in Indiana, you are not required to come in person.

How do I get my mail?
As a part of our service we have all your mail forwarded to the address of your choice – Free of charge!

For any questions not covered here feel free to call us at 866-319-0233 or email your question to Info@DealerLicense.Biz





operating a car dealer license in california requires a california car dealer license

come see us and get licensed




wholesale car dealer licensing by proxy may be legal in indiana but that will never ever fly in california ( its the nexus issue )


it is true

as a licensed car dealer

you may sell in all 50 states


dmv regulations in california

along with the state board of equalization guidelines

clearly state:




DMV Place of Business Inspection

After you have arranged an appointment with an Occupational Licensing Inspector he or she will inspect the place of business where the dealer conducts business.

  • The office of the principal place of business and each location of the dealership must be established to the extent that its construction is not temporary, transitory, or mobile in nature, except that a trailer coach office is acceptable providing it is not part of the dealer’s vehicle inventory being offered for or subject to sale while being used as an office of the dealership and otherwise meets the requirements of the Vehicle Code. The place of business is a place actually occupied either continuously or at regular periods by the dealer. Section 320, CVC.
  • Inspect all books and records pertinent to the business. CVC Section 320 (a)CVC Section 1670, and CVC Section 1671 and CCR Title 13, Section 270.00, 270.02, 270.04 and 272.00

out of state car dealers operating at a location in california are illegal

you residency and voter status could impact the nexus argument



You have a representative who operates under your authority to sell or take orders in California for any goods
or merchandise. (See California Revenue and Taxation Code section 6203(c)(2).)
Example: Your company does not have inventory in California or employees who sell in this state. Instead, you
use an independent representative who sells your product along with many others. The representative works
on a commission-only basis.


Court decisions
To look up court decisions on nexus (engaged in business) issues, see: www.findlaw.com/casecode/index.html.


Who is Liable for California Use Taxes?

Persons who are “engaged in business” in California (as defined by Revenue and Taxation Code section 6203) are responsible for collecting and remitting the sales or use taxes on all sales of tangible personal property (unless the transaction is otherwise exempt). Circumstances where a retailer is considered to be engaged in business in California, commonly referred to as “nexus,” for sales and use tax purposes include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Maintaining, occupying or using any type of office, sales room, warehouse or other place of business in California. This includes use that is temporary, indirect or through an agent or other representative.
  • Having any kind of representative operating in the state for the purpose of taking orders, making sales or deliveries, installing, or assembling tangible personal property.
  • Making repairs or providing maintenance or service to property sold, whether by employees, agents or other representatives.
  • Deriving rentals from a lease of tangible personal property located in California.


California seller’s permit requirements–dealers, wholesalers, and brokers
Dealers and wholesalers
The BOE requires motor vehicle dealers and wholesalers to register for a seller’s permit. When you sell or lease
vehicles, merchandise, or other tangible personal property in California, even temporarily, you are required to hold
a seller’s permit. If you hold a seller’s permit you must report and pay sales and use tax due on your returns.
A broker is a retailer if you have the power to transfer title to property, and exercises it, either:
• By holding title to the property before its sale,
• By completing a bill of sale to the buyer under power of attorney from the legal owner, or
• By getting a signed bill of sale from the legal owner and delivering it to the buyer.
When entering any transactions in which you have the power to transfer title to a vehicle, you are a retailer in those
transactions, and must hold a seller’s permit.
A true broker’s authority, however, is limited to getting offers from potential buyers and conveying the offers to
vehicle owners for their acceptance. As a true broker, you are not liable for the tax, and not required to hold a seller’s
permit. In transactions in which buyers deal with a true broker, the buyer will be liable for use tax.
Note: As a broker, you may collect the use tax due on a purchase of a vehicle, as a convenience to your customer.
If you collect the use tax from a buyer and provide a receipt, you (the broker), not the buyer, are liable for the use
tax amount paid and must pay that amount to the BOE. If the BOE later discovers that additional use tax is due, the
buyer is liable for the additional tax. This procedure allows financing the tax in the purchase price of the vehicle and
helps avoid future misunderstandings about the buyer’s use tax liability.
Buyers; be sure to keep a receipt for any use tax paid to a broker.
If a broker provides this service, they must forward the use tax to the BOE with a statement that shows:
• Name and address of buyer
• Full purchase price of vehicle
• The vehicle identification number (VIN)
You can report your purchases subject to use tax by using eRegistration available on our website at www.
boe.ca.gov. eReg is also available in our field offices. Please contact our Taxpayer Information Section for assistance
at 800-400-7115.



offering wholesale dealer licenses without having a nexus in california


  • -Indiana Wholesale Offices is an approved facility by the Indiana Secretary of State to host wholesale car dealers. Our facility provides you with a furnished office that exceeds the state requirements
  • -All individuals must have a valid Social Security Number and a valid Government Issued Identification.
  • -Wholesalers are required to sell 120 vehicles per licensing year.
  • -You do not need to be an Indiana State Resident. Having a physical business address at the Indiana Wholesale Offices facility complies with the Indiana Secretary of State physical requirements.
  • -We provide to you the expertise to gain your wholesale dealers license on the first attempt. We have a 100% approval rating for our applicants. No licenses have been denied once we process the paperwork.

Can’t afford the insurance or the bond ?

Get a Salvage License and you still can get into the auctions to buy Salvage Titled Vehicles.

If you are interested click here


like most things in life

if it is too good to be true

it is probably a lie or illegal

dont fall for any car dealer license scheme

come to the leader in california

car dealer education



here are a few car dealer auctions to consider

Insurance Auto Auctions Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc is a leading salvage auto auction company in the United States selling over 1 million trucks, SUV’s and motorcycles annually. These vehicles come from insurance companies, rental fleets, leasing companies and other major vehicle providers. IAA specializes in lightly damaged and repairable vehicles, theft recovered vehicles donation vehicles, damaged rental vehicles and more. Every weekday, IAA offers thousands of vehicles at over 150 locations across North America. Through the internet, you can participate in the live auction process and bid in real time, just as the auction is happening, against buyers at the live auction and online. Preview vehicles now.
Read More
ADESA ADESA offers auction, reconditioning, and logistical services at 58 North American auction locations. Subsidiaries offer inspections, inventory audits, and capital funding.
Read More
Manheim Manheim, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cox Enterprises, Inc, operates more than 100 auction locations and online channels spanning North America.
Read More
Independent Auto Auctions Independent Auto Auctions
Locations across North America; Combined, searchable pre-sale inventory; Nationwide market reports and post sale lists; Fixed-price and auction simulcast sales
Read More
Brashers Brasher’s Auto Group have been putting buyers and sellers together for over 56 years, and offer live and online bidding at 7 major auction locations.
Read More
ABC ABC Auction Broadcasting Company, LLC provides advanced facilities in eight locations, each offering value-added services to dealer consignment, factory, fleet/lease, and captive finance customers.
Read More
ServNet The ServNet Auction Group consists of independently-owned, full-service wholesale auto auctions across North America. All ServNet auctions are NAAA members.
Read More
Americas Auto Auctions America’s Auto Auction, Inc. was formed in 2005, and operates wholesale auto auctions throughout the United States. These auctions facilitate the sale and purchase of previously owned vehicles.
Read More
BSC BSC America’s total management strategy provides you with the coverage to handle diverse assets efficiently, to realize the greatest value at the least risk.
Read More

ADESA DealerBlock ADESA DealerBlock offers 24/7 “Buy Now” and interactive bidding on all of the vehicles you need today.
Read More
ADESA LiveBlock ADESA’s LiveBlock lets dealers participate in a live physical auction through real-time audio/video feeds and interactive bidding capabilities.
Read More
Auction Pipeline AuctionPipeline delivers live auction lane bidding and market reports of the combined inventories of independent auto and RV auctions.
Read More
OVE Manheim’s OVE.com enables buyers and sellers in the wholesale market to conduct business 24/7, in fixed price or online auction environments.
Read More
Simulcast Simulcast enables buyers and sellers to remotely participate in live auctions with real-time audio/video from virtually anywhere.
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CARMAX Auctions logo CARMAX Auctions is an exclusive membership. It gives you free access to special prices on products and services usually reserved for large corporations..
Read More
COPART Logo COPART is a leading online remarketer of vehicles, selling more than 1 million vehicles per year. They provide suppliers, primarily insurance companies, with a full range of remarketing services to expose their product to buyers in more than 85 countries. Most of the vehicles they remarket include damaged vehicles deemed a total loss for insurance or business purposes or are recovered stolen vehicles for which an insurance settlement with the vehicle owner has already been made. They also sell dealer trade-ins, public and dealer consignments, damaged rental cars, retired fleet vehicles and repossessions.
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QCSA Auto Auctions logo QCSA Auto Auctions is The Nation’s Largest Independent Salvage Auction Company with 8 auction locations across the Midwest. QCSA specializes in all types of salvage vehicles.
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learn the auction game from ADESA car dealer auto auction

ADESA Offers you more than one way to purchase vehicles. Visit one of our auction locations, or buy online.

We have two types of online vehicle auctions:

    • Bid now auctions take place on ADESA OpenLane. These special events are scheduled in advance and have set start and end times. At the end of the time period, the highest bid wins.
  • ADESA LiveBlock lets you bid against other dealers who are physically at a live auction. With our real-time audio visual feeds, it’s a great way to attend a car auction online, without leaving your office or home.

But there’s more—if neither of these online vehicle auctions work for you, you can still buy cars 24/7 for a set sale price with our buy now feature on OpenLane.

New to ADESA? Register now to access Bid or Buy on ADESA.com.
Already a registered user? Log in to use Bid or Buy on ADESA.com

manheim market reporting ( MMR ) for car dealers goes mobile


Manheim Expands Mobile Services

myMobile 4 color logo

Stay on top of your business with the latest mobile features from Manheim. To experience on-the-go convenience of some of the site’s most popular features, go to www.manheim.com from any mobile device, or download the Manheim app for iPhone® and Android™.

The New and Improved Manheim App

With the full Manheim set of tools at your fingertips, you can always find the vehicle you need, no matter where you are. New features include:

Apple App Store logo

  • Scan a VIN, get the MMR.
  • Full vehicle search.
  • Bid, Buy Now, or Make an Offer.
  • Simulcast proxy bidding.
  • CarFax, AutoCheck, and condition reports.

Android Market logo

To download the new Manheim app, just search “Manheim” in the App StoreSM or Android Marketplace, or scan the QR code at right.

Get the Condition Information You Need Right on Your Mobile Device!

Now, you can view condition reports and seller disclosure information with ease from your phone, iPad, or other web-enabled device. With condition reports and seller disclosure information optimized for mobile use, you can:

Manheim app store QR code

  • Access vehicle condition information anytime, anywhere.
  • Get all of the information you need to make smart business decisions.
  • See the exact same information you expect to see on desktop reports.

Did You Know?

A 2009 study of dealers’ mobile Internet use inspired Manheim to develop a variety of mobile services to help you source and manage pre-owned inventory anywhere your business takes you. Other recently-enhanced mobile features include:

  • Manheim Market Report (MMR): Offering a faster, free and simplified version of Internet MMR for dealers using handheld mobile devices.
  • Mobile Search allows you to easily search Manheim’s entire online and in-lane inventory.
  • Remote access to the mobile version of My Workbook enables you to review all previously saved searches and to save new vehicles.

can an autobroker advertise ???

yes and no
you may advertise your broker services
but not access to specific vehicles
you could reference vehicles advertised by retail dealers
with whom you have a brokering agreement
we allow that for vehicles placed on retail consignment
our drafted sale program costs 425. per vehicle
with red flag certification
you may show cars consigned to retailers
but you must negotiate and complete the sale
at the retail dealer holding that vehicle in its inventory
hope that makes sense
you have to be very careful
if you are not a licensed retailer yourself
the brokering agreement you hold may enable some advertising
under the retail dealers license

get the car dealer forms catalog from jody the forms lady


Free Catalog Request Form

Please complete the following form to receive our Free Catalog.
We will ship it to you as soon as we get your information.

Mailing Information
* Required information










san francisco bay area dmv certified car dealer license training


dmv requires a training class to take your car dealer license examination

dmv requires you pass a 40 question exam to submit your car dealer license application

we teach the required dmv license certification class in more places than anyone else

find out why our competition struggles to match our offer

could it be better value??

could it be better pricing??

could it be our dedication to customer service??

we like to think it is all three

visit our website to see our entire class schedule


joseph is our car dealer license instructor in san francisco


michael is our car dealer license instructor in fremont


we have a classes in san francisco, novato, walnut creek, fairfield,

santa rosa, campbell, fremont, redwood city and pleasanton every month










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odometer fraud can set you back millions

By Robert Duffer, Chicago TribuneThat used car might be more used than you think.

A new report sheds new light on an old problem: odometer fraud.

Odometer fraud, also known as rollback, is when a vehicle’s odometer is rolled back from its actual mileage to a much more sellable number.

There are more than 190,000 cases per year of odometer tampering in used cars, costing car buyers $760 million in lost value and unexpected repairs.

The majority of rollbacks have at least 50,000 miles taken off their odometer, according to Carfax, which makes and sells vehicle history reports compiled from over 12 billion vehicle records.

The loss in savings and safety can be astounding. In addition to the loss in value of an older car that has been sold as garage kept or rarely used when it may have three or four times the actual mileage shown, the car parts are dangerously old.

“Older, deteriorating parts might lead to unexpected repairs while unperformed maintenance for the true mileage may compromise the safety and performance of these cars,” says Larry Gamache, communications director of Carfax.

Victims can lose thousands of dollars purchasing a car with a tampered odometer.

The most susceptible cars are 14 to 15 years old. In one case profiled in a segment on the Today Show, a car was listed as having 85,000 miles when in fact it had over 250,000.

Though con men are exploiting longer vehicle life spans, new cars with digital odometers are as susceptible to odometer fraud if not more so than older analog odometers.

Digital devices called odometer correction tools proliferate online. Intended for mechanics as a diagnostic device to correct faulty electrical pulses, the devices are simpler to operate than manually rolling back an analog odometer. A thief can plug the device into the car, enter in the make and model, then put in whatever number you want. They can cost anywhere from $100 to $1,500.

Professional crime rings make thousands off of each sale.

“These rings operate everywhere,” says Chris Basso, a used car expert for Carfax. “In every state there are vehicles with an odometer roll back.”

Typically the used cars with tampered odometers can be found on private postings like craigslist.org or on corner lots.

“I don’t think it’s a coincidence that those are the kind of cars you find on the side of the road,” Basso explains. The tampered cars are usually cheaper and fit the budgets of used car shoppers. Scam artists will act as if there is an urgency to buying now.

If it’s too good to be true, it usually is.

“If something strikes the consumer as off, don’t be afraid to probe or walk away,” says Phong Ly, CEO of used car research site iSeeCars.com.

Carfax recommends several steps used car buyers can take to prevent being a victim of odometer fraud.

*Check that the car’s wear and tear is consistent with the odometer reading.

*Ask the seller for service records and note the mileage on each receipt.

*Be wary of too good to be true deals and overly aggressive sellers who want a quick sale or who withhold vital information.

*Have a trusted mechanic thoroughly inspect the vehicle and check its computer.

*Purchase a Vehicle History Report from Carfax.com or a competitor such as Autocheck.com

Vehicle history reports can cost between $30 and $40 and provide a wealth of information. Carfax pulls info from 77,000 sources, ranging from DMVs to service stations, to determine the health of a particular vehicle.

Everything from title transfers to recalls to emissions inspections are filed on the vehicle’s identification number, or VIN, which is the social security number for a car. Mileage is reported throughout a car’s lifespan so the first step a used car buyer should do, suspicious or otherwise, is get the VIN number and research it.

Carfax offers a free odometer check on its website. Users enter the VIN number and zip code of the vehicle in question.

An estimated one million rollbacks afflict each state, though consumers in California, Nevada, Massachusetts, New York and Texas are subject to the greatest amount of fraud, according to the Carfax report.